Meet Bethany + Leslee

Cépage is a uniquely designed curated gift company created by two friends, Leslee Miller + Bethany Halvorson.  


In 2020, the company was simply founded out of the demand for Leslee's virtual wine experiences, created by her almost 20yr wine consulting firm, Amusée.  As a veteran sommelier, Leslee's engaging wine events (which had previously taken her worldwide) suddenly shifted to a virtual style of corporate + personal wine 'edu-tainment'.   Leslee's well established online wine store + personalized wine club, Sip Better, took on the natural progression of pairing not only wine but snacks, cheese, charcuterie and more to her new virtual presence.  After finding that the world of directly delivered gifts and food items never truly matched with her already established Amusée + Sip Better company philosophies, Leslee teamed up with close longtime friend, Bethany, to help her customize + create Cépage.   Together, with Bethany's highly creative + precise ability to multitask and manage logistics from every part of the company's packaging and detailing to send out -- a very unexpected brand new 2020 company was born.  

Cépage, unlike any other gift box company, sets itself apart as a unique gift experience sourcing from only the world's smaller, community driven, family-owned artisan brands focused on the highest of quality.  Cépage's gifts are hand-selected and curated for not only the wine lover, but those most curious about fine international ingredients and intriguing artisan made products.  Like the wines Leslee selects for her company, Sip Better, Cépage will focus only on bringing you the best items from around the globe, uniquely paired + selected for their hand-crafted nature.  

While our boxes are still very popularly paired to Leslee's virtual presence, they are also meant to be purchased, shipped and/or shared on their own, paired with a wine from Sip Better, sent as a gift or with someone who would enjoy a Cépage gift experience just as much as you!  Go ahead, sip, select + pamper yourself with the best from Cépage.  

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